Protecting Wisconsin’s Waters, American Rivers

This document delves into the current and looming storm water problems Wisconsin faces. This report outlines these problems and some of the solutions for the public; now we just need to  put these solutions to work. Action must be taken to preserve and protect those two assets that are so… Continue reading

WATER: Just How Clean Is It?

The Clean Water Act, passed in 1972, is responsible for cleaning up the acts of our country’s largest point-source polluters. This has lead to a significant improvement in the water quality of our major lakes and rivers. However, as long as there are humans on this planet, both point-source pollution… Continue reading

Henline Creek Managemet Plan

A detailed analysis of resources and problems with the Henline Creek subwatershed is presented. In order to address these problems, goals and objectives are set, and specific implementation strategies are determined. The strategies are focused on solving the problems of volatile solids entering through drainage systems and threatening the water… Continue reading