Town of Normal Storm Water Credit Manual

This is a storm water credit manual for the town of normal, that gives contracts and pricing to pay a storm water user fee. As properties are developed, the amount of storm water runoff generated by those properties increases. The increase in runoff produced by developed properties creates a variety Read More »

Direct and Indirect Impacts of Urbanization on Wetland Quality

The purpose of this article is to review the current state of wetland science as it pertains to impacts from urbanization, and to explore the possible management implications for local natural resource managers and land use planners who are the principal audience for this article. It is always difficult to Read More »

The Smart Watershed Benchmarking Tool

This document distills the lessons learned from around the country into a self-assessment tool to help local communities integrate and align their urban watershed programs to meet their water resource goals. The tool is designed to help local program managers and watershed groups make better decisions on watershed restoration priorities Read More »

What Can You Do in Your Home and Yard?

This guide gives information on how to help preserve water quality in your own home and yard area. By following the advice of the pamphlet, residents will be able to better maintain the aquifers and watersheds for future use and a higher quality of drinking water. What Can You Do Read More »

Mackinaw River Watershed Management Plan – Westbranch, Panther Creek

This report gives information on the West Branch and Panther Creek Subwatersheds and the problems with storm water runoff, chemical pollutants, decrease in wildlife and biodiversity, and low participation in conservation practices. The report provides goals and objectives for the future to maintain the subwatersheds and have good, usable water Read More »

Mackinaw River Watershed Management Plan – Mudcreek

This is an analysis Mud Creek subwatershed, including the information of the point and non-point source pollution and details about the location and the use of the subwatershed. This management plan is used to inform the citizens of the potential future problems and possible solutions to protect the water quality Read More »

Protecting Wisconsin’s Waters, American Rivers

This document delves into the current and looming storm water problems Wisconsin faces. This report outlines these problems and some of the solutions for the public; now we just need to  put these solutions to work. Action must be taken to preserve and protect those two assets that are so Read More »

Action Plans Approved

The Mackinaw River Planning Team has organized an action plans to help maintain the Mackinaw River. They focus on biological diversity, education, community issues such as erosion and water runoff, agency coordination, and agricultural practices. Action Plans Approved

McLean County Regional Greenway Plan

This plan presents an up-to-date vision for greenways and provides a framework forestablishing a regional system of interconnectedgreenways throughout McLean County andbeyond. The plan presents goals and objectivesin support of this vision and identifiespriority future greenways and potential greenwaylinkages to other regions. The plan wasoriginally completed in 1997 in cooperationwith Read More »