Guidance for Developing Watershed Action Plans in Illinois

This manual presents an approach to watershed-based planning designed to ensure that local stakeholders play a central role in the development of comprehensive, multi-issue watershed plans. A watershed approach to planning for and managing land and water resources is not a new idea. The USEPA argues that groups working within… Continue reading

Illinois’ Forest Resourcs (2005)

A complete annual inventory consists of measurements and data compiled and reported for all plots in all five panels. Once all panels have been measured and the inventory is complete, a new inventory will begin and one panel of plots will be remeasured every year on a 5-year cycle. This… Continue reading

Ecological Principles and Guidelines for Managing the Use of Land

The five ecological principles deal with time, species, place, disturbance,and the landscape. These principles dictate several guidelines for land use. These guidelines suggest that land managers should examine impacts of local decisions in a regional context, plan for long-term change and unexpected events, preserve rare landscape elements and associated species,… Continue reading

IL River Basin Comprehensive Plan

This Comprehensive Plan provides the vision, goals, objectives, desired future, and identifies the preferred alternative plan to restore the ecological integrity of the Illinois River Basin System. This plan documents the need for and potential scope of four components: a restoration program; a long-term resource monitoring program; a computerized inventory… Continue reading

Critical Trends Assessment Report, 2003

This assessment is a compilation of research articles looking at forestry, invasive species, and water quality and the effect they have on biodiversity and terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems of an area. They make suggestions about the direction the various locations are headed in terms of diversity and native species preservation…. Continue reading

Town of Normal Storm Water Credit Manual

This is a storm water credit manual for the town of normal, that gives contracts and pricing to pay a storm water user fee. As properties are developed, the amount of storm water runoff generated by those properties increases. The increase in runoff produced by developed properties creates a variety… Continue reading

Direct and Indirect Impacts of Urbanization on Wetland Quality

The purpose of this article is to review the current state of wetland science as it pertains to impacts from urbanization, and to explore the possible management implications for local natural resource managers and land use planners who are the principal audience for this article. It is always difficult to… Continue reading

The Smart Watershed Benchmarking Tool

This document distills the lessons learned from around the country into a self-assessment tool to help local communities integrate and align their urban watershed programs to meet their water resource goals. The tool is designed to help local program managers and watershed groups make better decisions on watershed restoration priorities… Continue reading