Final Report: Your Water Your Future – A Residential Household Survey To Assess Our Water Future

The continued expansion in residential growth in McLean County impacts water quality and quantity in many ways, including raising concerns about the availability of water for the future. Yet, much of the current research on non-point source pollution continues to focus on agricultural producers as the primary source, with very Read More »

Water Your Opinions: A Social Assessment of the Lake Bloomington and Lake Evergreen Watersheds

The Mclean County Soil and Water Conservation District, in collaboration with Illinois State University, has received funding from the Illinois EPA to conduct a watershed social assessment, with an emphasis on the Lake Bloomington and Lake Evergreen Watersheds.  Water supply and water quality are critically important issues for both human Read More »

What’s in Your Woodlands

In order to address problems with invasive species and loss of water quality due to pollution, this project would provide targeted small landowners in Woodford County an educational opportunity via a workshop on woodland and riparian establishment, restoration, and management. Topics covered in the workshop would include tree identification, tree Read More »

Presidents Report

This is the President’s report by Mary Jo Adam, where she announces the creation of a new group, the Mackinaw River Ecosystems Partnership. She explains that due to the guideline changes by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Mackinaw River Watershed Council did not meet all of the criteria. Read More »

Mackinaw River Watershed Council Newsletter

This is the final newsletter of the Mackinaw River Watershed Council. The President, Mary Jo Adams, looks back on the accomplishments made in improving water quality in the Mackinaw River Watershed. She also announces that a new group, the Mackinaw River Ecosystems Partnership, will be stepping up to continue duties Read More »

Sensible Development for Small Communities ppt

This is a PowerPoint presentation on development within small communities and the environmental impacts that can result. This gives problems and potential solutions to decrease any factors that could potentially have a negative effect on the water quality. Sensible Development for Small Communities ppt

Summary of the Mackinaw River Watershed Management Plan 1998

The Mackinaw River Project Planning Team worked with experts to form a plan for improving water quality. The plan includes strategies, achievable goals, and specific recommendations. Sources of pollution were identified as agriculture, construction erosion, urban runoff, hydrologic modifications, and resource extraction activities. Recommendations were made for each of the Read More »