Vermillion Watershed

The Vermillion watershed is located in McLean, Livingston, LaSalle, Iroquois, Ford, and Marshall Counties. It is approximately 845,432 acres or 1330 square miles. It is home to many native plants and animals such as the small population of the greater redhorse (Moxostoma valenciennes) fish species, which was thought to have been extinct in Illinois.

Today the watershed currently faces problems related to water quality involving siltation and nutrients attributed to agriculture and hydrologic/habitat modifications.

Vermillion watershed studies
The Vermillion watershed is regularly researched and studied. To read more about the Vermillion Watershed, utilize our Watershed Library on the right, or click the links below.

  1. Vermillion River Watershed TMDL Report
  2. Illinois Vermillion River Watershed Rapid Watershed Assessment Report
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