Curb your Leaves

Fall brings cooler temperatures and changing colors on our trees.  Ultimately all of these beautiful leaves end up in our yards where we need to rake them up. Bloomington and Normal both offer convenient curbside leaf collection service for residents. However, we should all take care to pile them up near the curb, but NOT in the street itself.

In addition to potentially blocking storm sewer inlets and causing flooding of your street, leaves can act as a storm water pollutant. Washed into the storm sewer system and eventually into creek, streams, and lakes, the additional nutrients from the massive amounts of leaves breaking down can remove oxygen from the water, suffocating plants and wildlife.

Please help us keep our local waters clean – either compost leaves or pile them neatly near the curb for collection. For information on composting, contact the Ecology Action Center at (309) 454-3169 or consult