Stormwater Education

Keys to successful education, outreach, and involvement
Phase II Stormwater permits require public education, outreach, and involvement components because they are absolutely essential for success if you are serious about improving water quality in your community and want to build support for your stormwater management programs. See our list of stormwater education materials to get you started.

One of the best ways to save time and money is to partner with other municipalities, government agencies, educational organizations, and non-profits in your community who are already working on community education or watershed protection and conservation issues.

See an inspiring, EPA award winning example of cooperation in a three county area of Kentucky where they realized the Power of the People.

Another great example of municipal cooperation on stormwater education and outreach can be found in Dane County, Wisconsin’s Joint Stormwater Education Permit.

In North Carolina, Extension staff teamed up with Univerisity faculty and students to create a Stormwater Engineering Group.

In Minneapolis, stormwater education was implemented through the Minneapolis Parks and Rec Department.

USEPA offers advice on how to use Cooperative Extension services in Region 5 for stormwater education programs.

For guidance in creating your own community education plan check out this Step by Step Guide.


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