Vermilion River Watershed TMDL Report

This report is a step in the total maximum daily load process for the Vermillion River Watershed. The purpose of this TMDL report is to provide details and impairments of the watershed, give allocations and reductions, and provide a plan on how to implement the allocations and reductions. This report contains… Continue reading

Sangamon River/ Lake Decatur Watershed TMDL Report

Water quality standards are laws or regulations that states authorize to enhance water quality and protect public health and welfare. Water quality standards provide the foundation for accomplishing two of the principal goals of the CWA. These goals are: Restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of the… Continue reading

Salt Creek of Sangamon & Lower Sangamon River Watershed

This report is a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) for the Salt Creek of Sangamon River and the Lower Sangamon River Watersheds. The purpose is to describe the watersheds, confirm impairments and identify the procedure for developing the TMDL.  Salt Creek of Sangamon & Lower Sangamon River Watershed

Lake Bloomington Watershed Plan

This is a management plan working to improve the water quality and stop pollution and chemicals from entering Lake Bloomington. It provides studies done testing the levels of chemical pollutants, sources of pollution, effects on wildlife, and possible solutions to these detrimental issues.  

Lake Bloomington Executive Summary

This is a management plan that talks about protecting Lake Bloomington. It provides goals as well as implementation and monitoring plans that should help improve the quality of the water. The plan is specifically formulated to reduce phosphorous, nitrates, and sedimentation within the lake. Lake Bloomington Executive Summary

Evergreen Lake Executive Summary

This is a summary of the Evergreen Lake phosphorous problems, and the implementation projects do reduce runoff of phosphorus into the lake. They provide cost estimates, how they will monitor the lake, and about how they will measure their progress in the future. Evergreen Lake Executive Summary

The Smart Watershed Benchmarking Tool

This document distills the lessons learned from around the country into a self-assessment tool to help local communities integrate and align their urban watershed programs to meet their water resource goals. The tool is designed to help local program managers and watershed groups make better decisions on watershed restoration priorities… Continue reading