Normal Creek Wildlife Project

You may have noticed trail cameras at your local parks here in Normal. These cameras are being used to track local wildlife! My name is Lacey Fever and I am studying Environmental Systems Science and Sustainability (ESSS) as an undergraduate at Illinois State University and I am working with ISU, the Ecology Action Center, and the town of Normal to track local wildlife.

My study aims to answer the question, “Do animals use streams as corridors?” I have placed these trail cameras along the streams that intersect through Hidden Creek Nature Sanctuary, Anderson Park, and Oakdale Elementary. I take photos and record data on the animal species, their behavior, and direction of movement. Although people have also been captured on my cameras, these photos are deleted for privacy purposes.

Crow with trash in its mouth. Keep our environment clean!

On this webpage, I will be uploading a “photo of the week” each week of an animal that was captured by my trail cameras. I will also post weekly updates on my project’s progress.

Please contact us for any questions or comments!

Click here for more information from the Town of Normal


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