Mackinaw River Ecosystem Partnership Bylaws, 2003

The purpose of MREP is to better understand and work for the improvement and ecological sustainability of the Mackinaw River watershed. The Partnership serves to facilitate communication and cooperation among those dedicated to preserving and improving the quality and ecosystem integrity of the Mackinaw River watershed. This is a summary… Continue reading

Action Plans Approved

The Mackinaw River Planning Team has organized an action plans to help maintain the Mackinaw River. They focus on biological diversity, education, community issues such as erosion and water runoff, agency coordination, and agricultural practices. Action Plans Approved

Bits and Pieces of History

Mary Jo Adams describes her story of finding the book “A Compilation of the Historical and Biographical Writings of William B. Carlock.” In the book, the local areas of Illinois were described dating back to the 1840’s. She makes comparison between how nature was then and how it is now…. Continue reading

McLean County Regional Greenway Plan

This plan presents an up-to-date vision for greenways and provides a framework forestablishing a regional system of interconnectedgreenways throughout McLean County andbeyond. The plan presents goals and objectivesin support of this vision and identifiespriority future greenways and potential greenwaylinkages to other regions. The plan wasoriginally completed in 1997 in cooperationwith… Continue reading